José Martí in other languages.

By Hilda Luisa Díaz-Perera

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After several years of producing La Página de José Martí, I have received numerous emails from scholars around the world who are working on theses or papers or a book on the life and literary works of José Martí. These include places as remote to the island of Cuba as Australia, China, Poland and Japan.

It had never occurred to me that there might be a space for their efforts in our website until a Dutch reader, Ben C.A. Verbrugge, requested some information on José Martí and wrote saying he was working on a translation into Dutch of Versos sencillos. A light went on in my mind and I became fascinated with the idea of opening a language group to the production of Cuba's José Martí! Somehow the idea of a translation into Dutch of “Quiero a la sombra de un ala...” (La niña de Guatemala) was so challenging and of course... romantic!

I forwarded the information he was requesting and a few months later received the news that he had indeed published the book with much difficulty since apparently Dutch publishers did not consider Martí sufficiently well-known to merit publication in their language. What a pity indeed!

Ben managed to issue a small edition and sent me a copy that unfortunately I cannot understand (I am fluent only in Spanish and English), but that satisfied me tremendously as I opened the cover and watched the names “José Martí”, "Guantanamera", “Cuba” and “Versos sencillos” swim within a sea of what was otherwise gibberish to my deficiency in languages.

These events kindled in me the desire to open the page to international non-Spanish articles of non-Hispanic scholars who would like to make their work on José Martí known to the rest of the world. Who knows? Maybe "Benca", as he is known among his closest friends, unknowingly started something very worthwhile for the many investigators interested in José Martí whose works might go unnoticed by Cubans like me or even other writers working on José Martí topics, writers who are not aware of each other's common interest, because they are writing in other languages other than Spanish.

This is a humble effort, but I hope provides many with the satisfaction of seeing their articles, papers or theses made available to other scholars.

For those writers who might be interested, my guidelines are not many:

1. Please send a portion of your work in MS WORD. We will accept works in other alphabets.

2. Include you vitae and photo.

3. Make certain your piece is properly footnoted and that you include a bibliography.

4. Consider this: the Cuban people need to heal. Cubans need to learn to understand each other. Cubans will have to learn to forgive on both sides of the diaspora. I belong to the early exile in Miami and my own process is sometimes excruciatingly difficult. The road will be long and arduous. We want our site to be a place of union, love and understanding. If your work could prove to be helpful in this way, please send it. It would be best if we can stay off contemporary politics, whether from the left or the right.

Note: Since we have no budget whatsoever for these pages except the time I have to produce, design and upload them, I cannot offer to pay for your contributions, much to my regret. As the offspring of a family where almost everyone writes, I understand the sacrifices that entails pursuing our craft or for that matter any of the fine arts. I understand the rejection from publishers, who only consider the emotionally and spiritually impoverishing "bottom line" as the deciding factor for material accepted and sent to press. And yet, it is paradoxical that a website that has received almost 9 million visitors this year and that helps so many people worldwide, has no financial support, even though it has a non-for profit designation! Nevertheless, our objective is quality, scholarly material.

Thank-you so much!

Please get in touch with us about sending your work through our upload page!

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